Joe Shaw

Daily Grind

Desk Fan, Sellotape, String, Stool, Duct Tape, Tarpaulin, Document Box, Wooden X-Stand, Mop Handle, Halved Metal Bin, Wooden Panel, Vaseline, Nails, Fluorescent Strip Light, Clothes Rack Crossbar, Electrical Wire, Cut Carrier Bag, Fax Machine, Table, Norwich Union Poster, Motivational Office Poster, Office Floor Plan, Drawing Pins.

Dimensions variable.

I don’t know how my phone works or my car. I don’t know how electricity works and I don’t know how they distribute it to homes across the nation or store it in batteries. Maybe it’s a lie? Maybe magic? This machine mimics the action of an electricity generator or turbine. It’s two separate mechanisms that are linked by a wire that suggest the notion that one causes the other but does it really? Isaac Newton said that each and every action must have an opposite and equal reaction, I believe this to be true but in the 21st century where circuit boards are microscopic and depend on silent and intangible forces that are hidden away invisible, when machines are increasingly complex then whose word can we trust. Does the spinning bar power the fan or does the fan power the spinning bar? It is an outlandish and surreal, somewhat violent action and yet all that is achieved in this office space is the gentle fluttering of a piece of A4 paper sellotaped to the wall.