Joe Shaw

24 Hertz Sine Wave (Trust Issues) 2014.

Panasonic CRT Monitor, Metal Bench, Video/Audio Cable, Black Duct Tape, Tripod, Sony Handycam CCD-TR620E Hi-8 Video Camcorder, Speaker, String, Plastic Tubing, Extension Cable, mp3 Player, Workman's Torch, Sink, Tap, Water.

Dimensions variable.

The work constitutes two separate pieces that depend upon each other to exist as one. The television and the camcorder that films the falling water are linked together electronically through video and audio, physically by black cable stitched to the low ceiling with duct tape, and theoretically through the notion of cause and effect or illusion and the question posed: what do I trust? A man walks into this space and it is absolute chance towards which aspect of the illusion he will look first. The speaker and the water emit noise but are concealed within relative darkness and an alcove, the television set flickers with a white light. His curiosity chooses for him. He goes inquisitive and unknowing into darkness, or he goes drawn like a moth to a flame and looking for a quick, easy answer. The illusion becomes apparent: at the sink the water falls towards gravity, on the television screen it falls upwards. The decision what to trust and what to believe has to be made. Look closely at the water coming from its spout and look closely at the grainy image of something that seems like it should be impossible. The work is two pieces supporting one another to make the other possible, but it leaves the man torn and conflicted and struggling to know what he can trust in this place while he stands there.