Joe Shaw

BMX Tyre Sander 1000 2014.

BMX bicycle, rope, wooden pallet, 5/16" hexagonal aluminium rod, sandpaper, duct tape, bungee cords, stool, string, video cassettes, sellotape, power drill, bulkhead light, extension cable, step ladder, drill battery charger, spare drill battery.

Dimensions variable.

The drill turned round and round but it could not sustain movement in the back tyre for longer than 2 minutes at a time. I put the spare battery on charge next to the bike and returned to it every 20 minutes to give a demonstration. With a bit of encouragement the drill moved the chain and the chain moved the tyre and the back tyre ground down to a rubber powder on the sandpaper taped to the wall. There is a tension in the work due to the contrast between two states; something had already happened (the pile of powdered rubber underneath the wheel) and something was preparing to happen (the battery on charge, the stillness of the wheel). Visitors wanted to see 'how it worked'. The piece is dead without the artist present, acting as mechanic. The visitors wanted to help me make it work and in doing so paid attention to the smallest features of the sculpture usually overlooked. It is not a performance but a DEMONSTRATION.