Joe Shaw

Time Machine w/ Luftballons 2014.

Foil Balloons, Helium, String, Stone, Felted Material, Toy Train and Track, Pallet, A-Frames.

Dimensions variable.

TM = (2c/g)[exp(gTF/4c) – exp(-gTF/4c)]. The twin paradox. Time is relative. It stretches and it contracts and it is spongy. The toy train moves in endless circles infinitely around and around the cube of heavy stone. The balloons filled with helium are at once a celebration and a proof that the weight is real. The train gets hot. The plastic track on top of a piece of material on top of a pallet on top of legs gets slowly ground to powder by the churning of the wheels never-ending. Time moves slower for the train than it does for us watching it on the exterior. It travels through time at a different pace to the rock in the middle and the person stood trackside watching. This is fact. It's all real but it sounds like it is not. Do I accept it or do I reject it? I have the same difficulty believing it when I take my phone and speak to my friend on the other side of the planet. Watching events on TV in the evening. Turning a tap and seeing water spill out. It is as much an excursion in fantasy to see a metal tube with wings fly overhead as it is to imagine the toy train as a machine that travels through time. That's what it is though, a time machine. You don't need to know how something works inside to depend on it and to put trust in it. That happens every day.